Malviala Ltd / Cookieland – Food Import and Trading with Expertise and Big Heart

Cookieland, founded by Ari Mäenpää, became a part of Malviala corporate group in the beginning of 2015. Cookieland has been a successful player in the fields of international trading, food import and resale for decades. Business partners come from Europe (Germany, Poland, Netherlands) as well as from Scandinavia (Sweden).

Cookieland has made a long-term collaboration with international food companies in reliable and friendly atmosphere. Company is also fast enough for making interesting movements what comes to the product selection.

Succesful Cooperation

The unification of Cookieland and Malviala Ltd has brought growth and new opportunities for both of the companies. The expertise of Cookieland’s international food trading has increased the export of Malviala Ltd products as well as brought more versatile range of imported products to the Finnish food market.

In turn, strong domestic expertise concerning three bakeries, Malviala, Töysäläinen and Tasangon Herkut, offers a unique sales channel for Cookieland’s imported products that are successfully handled by sales professionals in Malviala Ltd. As a result of well-functioning collaboration, Malviala Ltd has become even more united and stronger corporate group in the working field of food industry world wide.