Malviala Ltd – Proud to be Finnish

Malviala Ltd is a well-known company that puts its heart and soul into baking. Its history goes back 40 years. Malviala Ltd consists of four bakeries in Finland: Malviala in Kuopio and Vehmersalmi, Tasangon Herkkutuote in Ylistaro and Töysäläinen in Töysä. The company also includes Cookieland – a succesful player in the feald of importing international delicacies to Finland.

Malviala Ltd is owned by Harri Malviala, who is a second-generation bakery owner. Harri and his team want to cherish the company’s long-standing cornerstones: a wide range of skills and knowledge, respect for tradition and the ability to reinvent and innovate. Quality is also in the centre of everything we do: Ingredients (which are sourced from Finland whenever possible), machinery, work ethic, our products and reliability.

Malviala Ltd thrives to be the top bakery in Finns’ hearts and the market leader in gingerbread cookies, rusks and May Day Funnel Cakes – every day. This requires constant innovation and investment, and Malviala Ltd makes sure it uses the latest technology in its production lines, which guarantees that there are always resources for efficient production and reliable deliveries.





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